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Drug Test

"Hemp Extract Will Not Test Positive on a Drug Test"

Hemp extracts, like the ones cultivated, produced, and sold by Green Lotus Hemp, have been shown to have positive, beneficial health effects in some people and animals, and produce no negative side effects. CBD oil is a cannabis compound extracted from the hemp plant, which by law contains less than .3% THC (meaning it won’t and can’t get you high if you consume it). In fact, some studies show that hemp extract may be helpful in quitting regular smoking of marijuana! Whether you’re looking for help with a particular medical condition, or just want overall better health, hemp extract may be an excellent option for you. In this article, we’ll look at what hemp is, and why it isn’t detectable in the majority of drug tests.

What is Hemp Extract?

In the simplest terms, hemp is a cannabis plant grown primarily for use of its fiber and seeds. Oils and tinctures can be made from hemp seed oil and whole plant extract, known as hemp extracts -- these extracts can include everything from tinctures, to cold-pressed oils, to capsules and pet drops. Another common use for hemp extract is in topical lotions that can be applied to areas of the body where pain is present. Raw CBD concentrates are also made from hemp extract, and hemp extract is can be easily added to food and drinks for a healthier meal. Hemp is simple to grow, and been cultivated for centuries on earth – we believe that hemp cultivation started about 12,000 years ago. Hemp fiber can and has been used for manufacturing paper, clothing, shoes, rope, canvas for ship sails and other uses, and can now be used for making nutritional oils, plastics, and building materials. Hemp is legal to cultivate in 28 states today, and under the 2014 Agricultural Act (or Farm Bill as it’s known), each state can pass legislation to make industrial hemp cultivation legal. Colorado, where Green Lotus Hemp is based, is an example of a state that has legalized hemp cultivation. Hemp is different than marijuana, another popular variety of the cannabis plant. Hemp extract, if smoked or ingested, will not produce euphoria or a “high.” Marijuana extract with high levels of THC may.

What are Colorado’s Laws on Hemp?

Colorado’s hemp laws are currently governed by the Farm Bill, the Agricultural Act that the United States signed into law in 2014. In Colorado, the Colorado Department of Agriculture regulates the Industrial Hemp Program in accordance with the Farm Bill, and also conducts a certified seed program for industrial hemp farming organizations. The rules for farming industrial hemp and industrial hemp seed can be found here. They include a law that industrial hemp can only contain .3% THC (the compound that gets you high in cannabis), which prevents hemp from getting anyone high, and required registration as a hemp seed labeler or farmer hemp seed labeler with the department of agriculture in the state. Random sampling of hemp seeds and industrial hemp cultivated plants is performed, and only certain pesticides can be used on industrial hemp plants. Only in-state extraction is allowed, however the Appropriations Act of 2016 Sec 763 allows for the sale, processing, and transportation of industrial hemp that is Farm Bill-compliant within or outside of the state in which it is grown. Check back on this website to find out more.

Will Hemp Extract Make My Drug Test Positive?

           The short answer is no -- but let me explain why. The main reason hemp extracts like those from Green Lotus Hemp will not test positive on a drug test is that drug tests are looking for THC -- the compound in cannabis that gets a person high. After all, companies and organizations generally don’t want their employees to be high at work. Since CBD does not cause the high associated with marijuana, drug tests are not designed to detect it. The general effects of CBD are not the high, but anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and anti-convulsant, according to Dr. Ethan Russo, a neurologist and researcher in the field of psychopharmacology. Barry Sample of Quest Diagnostics noted that a person taking CBD or hemp extract should not test positive for a drug test because there are legally limited amounts of THC in it. In other words -- make sure your hemp extract is below the legal limit for THC, like Green Lotus Hemp products. That said, there are some field drug tests that test for the presence of cannabinoids as a possible indication of marijuana use. Because CBD is a cannabinoid, these tests will show positive results. However, these results can be challenged by sending them to a lab for testing of only THC. In this test the lab will show a negative result. Click here to view our current lab test results, and fear not if your employer requires a drug test.


Julie K Godard

About Julie Godard:

Julie, a guest blogger of Green Lotus Hemp Products, is a strong advocate of cannabis, both in medical and recreational forms, for expanding our knowledge of medicine, culture, and the reality of our planet. She is an experienced freelance writer, content strategist, and cannabis industry researcher with a deep concern for social welfare and love of scientific discovery.


 Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All of GLH products are sold as nutritional supplements, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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