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dea cbd oil illegal all 500

"Why is the DEA Trying to Kill CBD Oil?"

Recently, the DEA added a new Administration Controlled Substances Code Number for "marijuana extract" where there wasn't one before. Before you go off all half-cocked and angry, read this. The DEA decision does not mean that the government intends to treat marijuana extracts as more illegal or less illegal than other marijuana products, but that they now have a category for it and can track it separately from the also currently illegal marijuana products like flower (the tasty buds you buy at the marijuana dispensary in legalized states). The effects on the CBD oil industry have been immediate and negative, as patients, businesses, and everyone else struggles to understand what (if any) changes this new coding could bring to the country and the hemp industry.

Can I Buy and Consume Hemp CBD Oil in Any U.S. State?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!! The only thing you need to check when purchasing CBD oil (which you can legally do online from any state in the nation) is that the oil is made from industrial hemp and not from marijuana. A quick web search will net you many websites you can order from, including Green Lotus Hemp, CW (Charlotte's Web) Hemp, and many other perfectly legal companies who are working every day to allow patients to treat themselves with natural CBD oil instead of man-made pharmaceuticals.

What the DEA Says About the New CBD Oil Code

The DEA insists that their new code, which is slated to take effect on January 3, 2017, has "not changed any control status" and has not changed the law since all marijuana products are Schedule 1. Russ Baer (a DEA spokesperson) noted that the intention of the new code is to help track scientific and medical research (currently backed by the Feds) through a code that is easily identifiable for the companies doing the research and the government. Baer said the new code "recognizes that there is a potential medical benefit to some of the cannabinoids" and "it's not intended to be's just a final order on a rulemaking proposal that was initiated back in 2011." What Baer is saying is that the new code doesn't change anything, and that CBD oil is still legal as long as its derived from industrial hemp plants, like those used in the Green Lotus Hemp formulas and those like them. Hemp CBD oil is legal in every state, according to the Farm Bill of 2014 sec 7606 and the Appropriations Act of  2016 sec 763.

Letting CBD Oil Patients Down

The problem, as usual, is that people are confused about what the DEA change means, and have assumed the worst. By underestimating the impact an announcement like this could have on the CBD industry and CBD oil patients across the nation, the DEA has done a grave disservice to everyone. As usual, the bureaucracy and the Federal government seems to be a bit out of touch with the general public. More specifically, the general public that relies on CBD oil to get through a day pain-free, or enable its children to navigate daily life without the dangerous and life-threatening seizures that come with severe cases of epilepsy. In short, the new code has affected CBD oil businesses, causing lower sales and patients to be afraid of purchasing their best option for non-addictive pain relief, nutritional supplements and seizure-prevention.

Why Does the DEA Oppose CBD Oil?

They say that they don't – and yet they continue to refuse to reschedule all types of marijuana, cannabis, and cannabidiols, citing further research data before they reschedule. CBD oil is a major part of that research, and the most promising hemp plant extract the world has ever seen. Numerous studies are currently underway using CBD oil and measuring its effects on participants, but patients across the U.S. already know that it works – they know it works without the harsh and often intolerable side effects of addiction and other issues that can occur with traditional pharmaceuticals. They know CBD oil is considered a dietary supplement and shouldn't be lumped into one category with high-THC marijuana products, because it isn't the same. If the DEA doesn't oppose CBD oil, then, why bother changing the coding? Is it really just based on scientific studies and clearing up the red tape? If so, the DEA could have done a much better job of making that clear from the outset to the American people, instead of confusing everyone and leaving us all to come to our own conclusions.

How Can Patients Keep CBD Oil Legal?

As we’ve seen, hemp CBD oil is not going to be made illegal any time soon. It is legal in all 50 states, and can be bought and sold without the risk of arrest by any of the parties because it doesn’t contain high levels of THC. Some people see the DEA’s move to code marijuana extracts as threatening to the CBD oil industry and patients who have the legal right to purchase and consume it for any reason from health issues to nutritional reasons. However, if Jeff Sessions is conformed in the next two days as the new Attorney General for the United States, patients and CBD oil companies and industrial hemp growers may need to know their law concerning hemp CBD oil to make sure that it remains legal and continues to be available to everyone who needs it in this country. In short – write your Senators about keeping Jeff Sessions out of office, and keep an eye on the news – we don’t want our civil or patient rights to be trampled on in the United States, and that’s how it should be.

Julie K Godard

About Julie Godard:

Julie, a guest blogger of Green Lotus Hemp Products, is a strong advocate of cannabis, both in medical and recreational forms, for expanding our knowledge of medicine, culture, and the reality of our planet. She is an experienced freelance writer, content strategist, and cannabis industry researcher with a deep concern for social welfare and love of scientific discovery.


 Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All of GLH products are sold as nutritional supplements, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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