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Mass marijuana 400

"Massachusetts Gives Away Free Cannabis"

The fight for marijuana legalization has left hundreds of thousands of patients hanging in the balance; as more and more states legalize and reap the benefits of medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, and the green rush, patients and cannabis supporters are celebrating in many different cities. The November elections in the United States this year held several surprises, and for the cannabis industry, several victories. (Eight, to be exact.) Four states joined Colorado, Washington state, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. in legalizing recreational cannabis, including Nevada, California, Maine, and Massachusetts. In addition, North Dakota, Arkansas, Montana, and Florida all either clarified, revised, or enacted their cannabis laws. Massachusetts, one of the states that just legalized marijuana, celebrated by giving away free marijuana.

Why is Massachusetts Giving Away Free Marijuana?

Out of the four states that legalized recreational marijuana in November, Massachusetts was the first to get the program underway and allow recreational cannabis use legally. The other three states are still working out the kinks, most notably California, the state that is expected to have the largest recreational and medical cannabis market in the United States when it’s up and running. To celebrate its transition from medical cannabis dispensaries to medical and recreational dispensaries, Eli Constantinou of Grow Your Own Stuff in Cambridge, Massachusetts gave away free cannabis seeds to home growers in the state. Since the state will not be able to sell seeds to customers until the 2018 legalization date, Constantinou was just giving them away. Grow Your Own Stuff ran out of cannabis seeds to give away and said it’s business was brisker than usual due to legalization.

Massachusetts Marijuana Law

Until recreational marijuana becomes available for sale in Massachusetts in 2018, home growers will have to be content with the regulations that allow adults of 21-years or older to possess up to 10 ounces in their homes and one ounce outside, and grow up to six plants. Two adults in one household can grow up to 12 plants legally under Massachusetts law. Possession of up to 5 grams of marijuana hash or concentrates is allowed, and up to one ounce will get you a $100 fine but no jail time.

What Illnesses Can I Get a Medical Marijuana License for in Massachusetts?

Under Massachusetts state law, medical cannabis can be prescribed for ALS, cancer, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Hep C, MS, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions qualified by patients’ physicians. The new law will make these rules generally obsolete because anyone can self-medicate, although there are instances in which having a medical license will provide holders with access to certain marijuana products or help paying for prescriptions in other states. The new law, called The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana act will likely go into effect in January of 2018 and retail applicants will begin seeking licenses in October of 2017. Medical dispensaries will be given first chance to apply for the applications, and a 6.25% sales tax plus a 3.75% excise tax will be required (a tax stamp system will also be used).

What’s Next for Massachusetts & Marijuana?

Massachusetts’ main goal is to get medical marijuana dispensaries in line with the new regulations, get them to apply for recreational licenses if they want them, and eventually start accepting other recreational dispensary applications. Following the application and registration period, sales for legal recreational cannabis are expected to begin the following January. Congratulations, Massachusetts – you did it!

Julie K Godard

About Julie Godard:

Julie, a guest blogger of Green Lotus Hemp Products, is a strong advocate of cannabis, both in medical and recreational forms, for expanding our knowledge of medicine, culture, and the reality of our planet. She is an experienced freelance writer, content strategist, and cannabis industry researcher with a deep concern for social welfare and love of scientific discovery.


 Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All of GLH products are sold as nutritional supplements, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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