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cannabis research


Our company is one of the few, if not the only CBD company conducting academic research with a Texas State accredited University. We are in the process of creating a non profit in Colorado, The Industrial Hemp Genetic Research Foundation, to study the growth, cultivation, and different genetic varieties of Industrial Hemp along with the economic impact that a Texas cultivation bill would have on the state. Our CEO has been assisting the Texas Hemp Industry Association in drafting the Texas Hemp Bill. Along with the University our goal is to educate Texas farmers on the different varieties on hemp and the many uses. Through our Non Profit we hope to develop genetic varieties that can be certified in the State of Texas as Industrial Hemp. Green Lotus Hemp is proud to he leading the hemp movement in the great state of Texas.




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About Green Lotus Hemp

Green Lotus Hemp
600 17th Street Suite 2800
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 888-811-HEMP (4367)
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