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Grown in the USA

We are proud to support the American Farmer. Grown and processed in Colorado. Bred to perfection. Organically grown.


Phyto-Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds that occur in cannabis and make up our proprietary hemp extract.

Neuroprotectants + Antioxidants

Cannabinoids are patented by the US government as Neuroprotectants and Antioxidants.

Academic Research

Currently conducting academic research with a major Texas State Accredited University

Our Goal

Using hemp grown domestically by Colorado farmers our goal is to deliver the highest quality hemp supplement at a competitive price. Quality, Eficacy, and Transparency. Delivered. 

All Products

Our pledge to you

We believe in transparency when selling products made from hemp extracts.

Many companies mislead clients when it comes to phyto- cannabinoid dosing on their bottles. Our phyto-cannabinoid MG strength is reflective of the actual active phyto-cannabinoids in that particular product. If our bottle says 100MG of phyto-cannabinoids that products contains 100MG of actual active phyto-cannabinoids.

Many of our competitors will list the MG dosage of their hemp extract without publishing the strength of their extract.

Let’s say this company’s extract is only 30% phyto-cannabinoids by weight, then that product that has a label indicating it has 100MG of hemp extract only has 30MG of active phyto-cannabinoids in it. This happens a lot in this industry and buyers need to beware. Do your research. Ask for transparency.


We ensure that our products have tested free of THC, heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents. Our Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Extract tests average 65 - 80% Cannabinoids by weight.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about Green Lotus Hemp and get answers to commonly asked questions


We would like to hear from you. If you want to tell us your story, please Click Here

Here's what Angelo H. Jimenez said about:

5 Stars
Bought along side a Crystal and they both vaporized really nicely in my concentrate pen. I recommend using this over Imported Hemp Paste derived CBD Isolate. Taste on this product is mild, sweet and i...

Here's what Ronda R. George said about:

5 Stars
The Fire Rub is HOT! It is exactly what I was needing for my twisted ankle. The ankle was swollen and was sore. After applying the Fire Rub once it took less than a few minutes to feel the effects. Im...

Opinion about:

5 Stars
At $29 per 30ml bottle, we can say that CBD Infused Sour Skittlez is not just some e-liquid for anyone. It is a premium choice for vapers who want only the best CBD Infused e-liquids on their device...

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About Green Lotus Hemp

Green Lotus Hemp
600 17th Street Suite 2800
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 888-811-HEMP (4367)
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